• 11/10/2017 - 11/12/2017
  • noon
  • Best Western Inn of the Ozarks

    The Average Joe's Ice Cream Social Rally

  • When: 8/13/2017, 12 p.m.
  • Where: McDonald's, I-44 Exit 236 at 129th St. Broken Arrow OK None
  • NOTE: This is not a PCA sponsored event. It's the local SCCA club.


    The Average Joe's Ice Cream Social Rally will be Sunday, August, 13th. The start will be BEHIND the McDonald's located southeast of I-44 (exit 236) and 129th E. Avenue.   We will meet at NOON. The Competitor's Meeting will be at 12:45 pm. The first car will leave shortly after the meeting.


    The route is about 80 miles in length and is all paved. The roads vary from wide multi-lane expressway to twisty tree-lined lanes that are scarcely wider than your vehicle. The finish will be at the Braum's located at 700 N. Lynn Riggs in Claremore.


    You will need to bring a clipboard, pencils and a watch that reads in hours, minutes and seconds.


    Each rally team gets a set of written instructions. Each team records what time they start each leg in the instructions at the points indicated in the instructions. They also record what time they finish each leg at the points indicated. The elapsed times for the first leg from all of the entrants are added together, then divided by the number of entrants to get the average elapsed time for the first leg. That becomes the "perfect" time for the first leg. The entrants are then scored at the rate of one point per second early OR late when comparing their elapsed time to the "perfect" elapsed time. So, you do NOT want to be the fastest OR the slowest. You want to be "average".


    The entry fee is $15 per car.


    The NEOKLA website is neoklascca.org


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